You’re ready to pour your soul into your work, but you’re a little confused about what to do or who to listen to.

Marketing “experts” are filling up the internet with their shouty advice. You’re not sure if all those “shoulds” apply to you and your heart-centered business.

You’ve tried all kinds of tactics and wake up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night. They’re just not for you.

You love learning and feel confused by all the amazing things you can do. How should you start a business that makes you thrilled to wake up that also makes sense to the world?

Public health dental assisting in the Dominican Republic...

If any of that sounds like you, then you’ve finally landed in the right place.


I’m Sarah, lover of unusual souls, quirky hobbies, and mugs of tea.

I’ve been an entrepreneur for my entire adult life (about 17 years), and honestly I wouldn’t want to live any other way.

It hasn’t been easy and I’ve fallen and gotten up so many times. But the older I get and the more I learn, the more I know that I’m following the path that fits my unique personality and skill set, not to mention my soul.

I’m passionate about passing on what I’ve learned to other multipassionate souls. If you’re someone who asks too many questions, feels the weight of the world, cares deeply, and knows you can lead because you’re quiet and thoughtful … I created this safe space to share with you.

I’ve been a lot of things over the years, including…

  • Bookshop owner (for a whole decade!)

  • Cleaning company owner

  • Doula (still am!)

  • Birth photographer

  • Community organizer

  • Arts administrator

  • University instructor

  • Knitter

  • Irish fiddler

  • Farmer and gardener

  • Mother

  • Dog lover

  • Professional space holder

  • Retreat chef

  • Social justice student

  • Holistic health and wellness student

  • Maker and crafter

  • Wellness mentor

  • Portrait and landscape photographer

  • Writer

And so many other incredible experiences that have shaped who I am today.

One of my missions is to help boost the discussions around building work that honors who we are. In our society, there is a prevailing idea of what constitutes “work". For those of us who are edge walkers and seekers, this type of work can be suffocating.

We just want to be free to be who we are and to be valued for being ourselves.

This includes introverts, highly sensitive people, intuitives and empaths, those who struggle with mental wellness or are differently abled, and anyone who visions a different world than the one we live in.

This space honors all of who you are.

As a queer-identified person, I also embrace your diverse identities. These might include gender identity, sexual orientation, race and ethnicity, citizenship or country of origin, or being differently abled. You’re safe here.


Feeling the call to work with me?