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Hello there…I’m Sarah!

Why do I love building websites that bring in ideal clients for heart-centered professionals?


I'm all about community-based businesses that put their values first, but also need to turn a profit to be sustainable, grow, and invest in their communities!

I draw on my 17 years as an entrepreneur to help you create more beauty and do more healing in your own community.

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Here's a little more about me:

✓ I've got a bachelor's in sociology (minors in anthropology + women & gender studies) and a master's in public administration.

✓ In addition to being a doula, I'm also a trained nursing assistant, phlebotomist, and am studying midwifery.

✓ I've also adventured off on health service trips to homeless shelters in Vegas and tiny mountain towns in the Dominican Republic.

✓ I teach project-based learning classes online for my local university (students do the coolest projects!).

✓ I've been building websites, writing content, and doing copywriting for several years.

✓ I love photography and it's the reason why I've learned and fallen in love with design and visual aesthetic.

✓ I've got two fabulous teens and the cutest dog in the whole world (no really). 

✓ I live for hiking, Irish fiddling, good food + drink, cute downtowns, wanderlusting, and DIY everything. 

✓ On the daily, I dream about traveling North America in a tiny house-van. Oh, and living in a little cottage in the woods of New England. (My heart always tugs between roots and wings.)

Wondering why I’m the right person to work with your business? Here’s a little background for those curious.

The first few years of my life, I lived in an apartment attached to my dad's furniture business. My mom had an herbal consulting shop in our teeny town.

Yep, I was born to a family of entrepreneurs and dreamers.

At 18, I joined on as co-owner of an independent bookshop in a little town in the middle of beautiful red rocks and national parks. 

I got to play bookshop owner for a whole decade!

During that time, I worked with other businesses and nonprofits to make our community way better. And I got a chance to see what made one business successful while another business just couldn't make it.

I also became a doula and birth photographer during that time, building community in my area in more awesome ways. I was (and still am!) all about local food and even milked my own goat every single day for a year! (Phew... mad props to farmers everywhere.

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Do you see us working together?