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A Web Designer Answers Honestly: Do You Really Need a Website?

Trying to set up or expand a business can be overwhelming and frustrating. If you’re still trying to figure out this marketing thing, you’re inevitably going to worry about websites. Do you need one? Or can you get by with just running your business without one? The answer depends on your, your values, your goals, and your business structure. Read on to learn more.

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Why You Shouldn’t Be Everything for Everyone

Wishing you could attract more ideal clients? Not really sure how? Maybe you’re not even sure who your ideal clients are. Here’s a post just for you! Read on to learn more about how to determine who your ideal clients are and why you should design a business with a niche.

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Squarespace or Wordpress: The Basics

If you’ve been debating between creating your website on Squarespace or Wordpress, this post is for you. Wading through the heaps of information out there (lots of it biased) can be overwhelming. So I’ve created a super simple guide to the biggest differences and which situations each platform is best for. Read on to pick your platform!

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