+ Who do you create websites for?

My specialty is working with holistic, heart-centered professionals. This includes midwives, doulas, lactation consultants, childbirth educators, massage therapists, mental health therapists, writers, nonprofits, art therapists, naturopathic doctors, and so many others. If you approach your business from a soulful or mission-focused perspective, I'd love to chat to see if we're a good fit.

+ Do you create Wordpress or Shopify sites?

Though both of those platforms are excellent for website-building, I currently only design sites on Squarespace. This may change in the future, so stay tuned if you have your heart set on one of these platforms.

+ Do you offer payment plans?

I don't offer payment plans per se, but the cost of a custom web design is split into two payments. 50% is due upon booking and 50% is due when the design is done. If this is still cost prohibitive for you, reach out to discuss your situation.

+ Will you be writing all my content/copy?

Though I am an experienced copywriter, I prefer to do copyediting with my clients. You'll need to have all your content ready to go on the first day I start designing your site. I'll use my copywriting skills to edit and enhance your writing to ensure it will convert your website visitors into ideal clients.

+ Can you create a custom package just for me?

Sure! You create a sketch of your ideas and design needs, then we can talk about how to customize a package that will work for what you need. Shoot me a message in the form above with your interest.

+ How do I pay you?

Once you schedule your design or support appointment with me, you'll get a series of emails from me. First, you'll get a chance to take a look at the quote we discussed in our call. Then you'll sign a contract (all done easily online) and fill out a business questionnaire. I'll send over an invoice for the 50% deposit and you'll be able to pay it directly through the invoice (secure bank tranfer or credit card). After the design and right before the site goes live, you'll get to pay again through the final invoice.