The average person spends about 90,000 hours of their lifetime working. When you live life from a soulful place, those hours matter. You need to be doing soulful work.

With over 17 years experience as an entrepreneur and as someone who’s introverted and intuitive, I get how important it is to merge our worldly reality with the needs of the soul.

I’ve spent the years learning slow marketing, web design, copywriting, and business strategy. I’ve also been immersed in social justice, nonprofit management, grassroots movements, and work as a solopreneur.

You can think of me as your bridge between the world of what matters to you and the world that exists.

If you desperately need to create soulful work to make every moment meaningful and purposeful, I can help.

Just call me your business doula.

I’m here to listen to all your ideas, learn about your skills and background, and help you pull together a business plan that you can take on the road.

If you’re already running a business, I can help you take it to the next level.

All heart, only tactics that feel right, and always ethical. We’ll work with what feels right to you, creating a path of entrepreneurship that matches who you are.

This is for you if…

  • You’re tired of that yucky feeling every time you read another shouty marketing article online and you know it doesn’t fit what you want to do

  • You don’t see anyone around you doing what you want to do and you’re afraid your idea isn’t going to work

  • You want your work to fit your life (and not the other way around)

  • You identify as introverted, highly sensitive, or intuitive

  • You want to your want to be purposeful, not just make you money

  • You want a business that values you and pays you what you need to live

What you’ll get with this 1:1 mentoring package . . .

  • 3 months of personalized support

  • Clear direction for how you proceed with business-building

  • A marketing plan that fits your heart, personality, and life needs

  • An understanding of how to speak to your audience and where to find them

  • A plan for growing your business in a way that feels sustainable and is exciting

  • An attentive listener to run ideas past and ask all your business-y questions

The package includes . . .

  • Six 60-minute phone calls (via Zoom audio) every 2 weeks

  • Two 60-minute follow-up phone calls to be used within 3 months after working together

  • A recording of our call, session notes, and suggestions + insights

  • Worksheets, exercises, and resources to help you make progress in between our calls

  • Unlimited email support for small questions and check-ins

Here are a few things we can focus on during our sessions.


Business Sovereignty

Working together, we’ll uncover your strengths, interests, and areas of enthusiasm. Using my knowledge of business and the nonprofit world, we’ll find a unique way to position your skills to create or grow the work that feeds your soul.

Online Course Creation

Get one-on-one support for creating an online course that will help you send your beautiful knowledge out into the world. Take advantage of my experience running online university courses combined with my knowledge of effective learning strategies.

Soulful Marketing

Together, we’ll discuss your own personal strengths when it comes to meeting potential clients, the spaces they are most likely to hang out in, and the places you’re most comfortable. We’ll find a mix of strategies that will help you spread the word while also honoring your commitment to a simple, soulful life.

Tech Support

Not everyone is completely comfortable with the world of technology, and that’s totally okay. I’m here to help you set up programs, systems, and applications you need to run your business. Whether that’s getting Mailchimp up and running, helping you hook up payment accounts, or troubleshooting CRM software, I’m happy to help.

Content Marketing Strategy

Spreading the word of what you do is easiest through content marketing. Wearing all the hats of your business can be overwhelming, though. We’ll discuss your current content strategy and how to improve it so you’re telling the best story you can tell. You’ll only be encouraged to do the things that resonate with who you are and the kind of business you’re building, and we’ll uncover your unique marketing mix that feels 100% authentic.


As a trained and experienced copywriter, I’ll work with you to help your current website words shine to help you attract your ideal clients. We’ll make ho-hum words turn into truth-speaking so you can build trust and loyalty with Your People. Writing is hard when you’re talking about yourself, so let me be your guide to help you find the right words.

Photography Support

Photographs are an important way to tell your story. Working together, we’ll find the right images to help you connect with your clients, whether that means hiring a local brand photographer, improving your own photography skills, or using quality stock photography. Tapping into my decade of photography expertise, I’ll help you craft storytelling that gets at the soul of your business and purpose.


I also offer website design on the Squarespace platform. My soulful solopreneur clients get 20% off the price of a custom designed website. Get all the details here.



$1,600 (or 4 payments of $450)


Are you ready to create a business that feeds your soul?

In order to give my clients personalized attention, I only take on 12 clients per year.

Reach out to ask questions and to claim your spot in the form below.

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