Just want some support, a listening ear, and my undivided attention?

Know exactly what you want to ask and feel ready to deep dive into a soulful conversation?

I created this option just for you.

You’ll get my one-on-one attention for an entire hour and you can use it to ask me anything.

Topics You Might Want to Discuss

  • The solopreneur journey

  • Finding & fine tuning your business idea

  • Slow marketing and soulful business

  • Web design and story-based writing for full expression of your soulful business

  • Anything that falls within my knowledge and experience (read more about that here)

    Ask as many questions as we can fit into one hour.

How to Get the Most from this Session

  • Plan out your questions ahead of time

  • Send them to me before our session so I can prepare for our conversation

  • Make sure to reduce distractions during the hour so as to keep the flow and focus

  • Take some time before the call to do some deep breathing, relaxing, and focusing to help us both be present for the conversation

The conversation will be free flow and grounded in your unique life journey, and I’m available to help guide, support you to tune into your intuition, and find any hidden paths you might not have noticed before.

Why Work With Me?

I know what it’s like to be introverted, highly sensitive, intuitive. I also understand the struggle of trying to align gut feelings with the limited options the world presents. Soulful work is one of my passions and I’ve been an entrepreneur for 17 years.

I’ve also been very involved in social justice, community, reproductive justice, and other grassroots movements. I’ve got a master’s degree in public administration with a nonprofit/health focus, as well as a bachelor’s degree in sociology, anthropology, and women & gender studies.

I enjoy learning the technical rules and then finding the ways to combine and transform them to fit those of us who don’t fit into molds. If that’s you, then I would be honored to work with you.

Ready for your Strategy with Soul session?

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