Already put together a website, either on your own or with another designer?

Frustrated because you can’t figure out how to hook up an email marketing service, transform a page, or hide a footer?

If you’d rather have someone else get things figured out on your site, I’d be happy to help. While I like to empower others to transform their DIYed sites on their own, there are always things that are just too tech-y or frustrating to figure out for some people. Or maybe you’d rather focus on your beautiful work and hand over the task to someone else. That’s okay! I’m here to help you figure it out.

This service is part strategy and part done-for-you services. You tell me what you need and I’ll help you refine your strategy and positioning. Then I’ll get to work making the adjustments on your site.

Here are a few ways I can help.

Tech Support

Not everyone is completely comfortable with the world of technology, and that’s totally okay. I’m here to help you set up programs, systems, and applications you need to run your business. Whether that’s getting Mailchimp up and running, helping you hook up payment accounts, optimize Google Analytics, or troubleshooting CRM software, I’m happy to help.


Know that you need to up your Google ranking strategy, but aren’t remotely sure where to start? I can help with that. I’ll optimize your Squarespace website for SEO, help you make sure it’s talking to Google crawlers correctly, then offer tips for ways to make SEO work for you.

Content Marketing Strategy

Spreading the word of what you do is easiest through content marketing. Wearing all the hats of your business can be overwhelming, though. We’ll discuss your current content strategy and how to improve it so you’re telling the best story you can tell. You’ll only be encouraged to do the things that resonate with who you are and the kind of business you’re building, and we’ll uncover your unique marketing mix that feels 100% authentic.

Content Writing

If writing isn’t your forte, that’s okay. You can focus on your strengths and I can write the content that you need for effective marketing. We’ll work together to figure out your most effective content themes, best channels for the content, and topics that will be the best. You’ll get just the right amount of content to promote regularly, getting your voice and expertise in front of your audience consistently.


As a trained and experienced copywriter, I’ll work with you to help your current website words shine to help you attract your ideal clients. We’ll make ho-hum words turn into truth-speaking so you can build trust and loyalty with Your People. Writing is hard when you’re talking about yourself, so let me be your guide to help you find the right words.

Photography Support

Photographs are an important way to tell your story. Working together, we’ll find the right images to help you connect with your clients, whether that means hiring a local brand photographer, improving your own photography skills, or using quality stock photography. Tapping into my decade of photography expertise, I’ll help you craft storytelling that gets at the soul of your business and purpose.

Online Course Creation

Get one-on-one support for creating an online course that will help you send your beautiful knowledge out into the world. Take advantage of my experience running online university courses combined with my knowledge of effective learning strategies.


Hourly rates for some services … $100/hour

Project-based rates for others … Varies

Contact me to discuss your ideas and I’ll offer a custom quote for your website and business needs. Send a message below!