Why You Shouldn’t Be Everything for Everyone

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Who's Your Ideal Client?

When starting a business, it can feel like you should celebrate every single time anyone comes your way and acts remotely interested.

Of course, I should take this client. Who knows when the next one will come along, you say.

But very quickly you discover that you’re not really enjoying your work sometimes. You adore some of your clients, yet other clients feel like a chore and sometimes like a downright pain. You start to wonder if you’re doing the right thing and what you could do to find that love for your business again.

That’s when it’s time to assess who you’re taking on as clients. 


Fear Isn’t a Good Business Value

Yes, it’s scary to launch your own show, call your own shots, and scramble to make your own cash. And, yes, you should be willing to help as many people as possible, especially when you’re working in the health and wellness field.

However, fear shouldn’t be the main driver of your marketing and lead generation efforts. Having the mindset of trying to avoid a famine isn’t going to get you a business you love. You need to, instead, focus on building a business that is a perfect fit for you and for the needs you see in your community


But Why?

Have you ever been snubbed by someone in your area that does similar work to what you do? Observed others fighting over clients or trying to undercut someone else’s marketing efforts?

It’s pretty ugly, isn’t it?

Seeing that kind of drama play out quickly makes you wonder if the land of collaboration, community, and business success is all a myth. With such a huge focus on scarcity, practitioners are quickly making an unprofessional statement about themselves. They’re also not doing a good job of attracting those clients they really want to work with.

And there definitely isn’t any community building going on.

So it’s time to let go of that take-any-client-that-comes-your-way mindset and start focusing on cultivating the heartbeat of why you do what you do. Dream up the kind of client that makes work feel refreshing and energizing, then focus on finding more of those kinds of people to become your clients.


Why Clients Crave This Approach

Okay, so it makes your life easier. But what about your clients? What do they get out of this business reframing?

Think back to a time when you walked into a store that was for everyone under the sun. You went in, got whatever you needed, and got out. You weren’t thrilled to be there and if you didn’t need to go, then you didn’t go.

Now think back to a time when you walked into a store and suddenly felt like it was made just for you. Everything you saw you were ready to take home and you felt delirious with the excitement of being there. You couldn’t wait to go back.

When you create a customized experience for a specific kind of person, it feels like a perfect fit for your client. They feel like you actually understand their needs, like you can definitely help them, and they can’t wait to work with you.

Such a difference from the type of client you have to convince, remind, and compromise with throughout the whole process of working together!

And wouldn’t you rather work with someone who is delighted you exist and can’t wait to work with you?


So Now What?

Maybe you’ve seen the light and you’re ready to start focusing on finding your ideal clients. Great! Of course, like everything else in life, it’s easier said than done. So how do you figure out who's your perfect client?

Here are a few brainstorming tips to help you reframe your business so that you can start working with clients who rave about you and make you feel honored to be doing what you do.



The first step to discovering your ideal client to take a good long look at yourself.

  • What do you love?

  • What makes you unique in your field?

  • Do you have an inspiring origin story that led you to create your business?

  • What specific aspects of health and wellness really make you tick?

Once you’ve done some digging, you might immediately know what niche you love or you might need to do some more thinking. Don’t worry about finding the answers right away. Let this process unfold over a few days or a couple of weeks until you have an “aha” moment.


Discover Your Clients

Think back over the clients you’ve had and go through your notes.

  • What clients obviously loved working with you and came back for more appointments?

  • Which ones did you really enjoy helping?

  • Which clients loved you so much that they sent their friends to you?

By finding your most enthusiastic clients, you’ll help to establish a trend. Try to categorize these clients to find a common thread. Perhaps they all have a similar problem to solve. Or they’ve got similar backgrounds and interests. Find those commonalities and figure out if they can be used in dreaming up that ideal client.


Check Out Your Competitors

Yes, I’m asking you to do a little competition for a few minutes. Pull up others’ websites and social media profiles. Figure out if they have a niche and identify what they’re doing really well.

  • What makes them successful or unsuccessful?

  • Do you see any gaps in the market as to what is specifically being offered?

  • Is there an area of need that you could help to fill?

  • How can you help in a way that is different than how others are helping?

This will help to make sure you are truly refining your idea and that it’s a workable idea in your region. It’s no fun to be one of a sea of professionals all offering the exact same service. By really refining your ideal client, you’re ensuring that you’ll stand out from others in your field offering a similar experience.


Put It All Together

Scan through the trends that you identified in yourself, in your clients, and in your local community. You should start to see some patterns and clues. If you start to sense some imposter syndrome creeping in, take some deep breaths and remind yourself that you’ve got what it takes. If there’s an area you really feel passionate about working in and you don’t yet have enough education, sign up for training so you can do what you truly love!

The more you can present yourself as an expert in a specific area, the more you’ll attract clients that really need you, that love working with you, and that will be thrilled to send their friends your way. By carving out a passionate niche, you’ll ensure that you build a business you love while doing something that is changing the world.

And that feels pretty great, right?

Now I’d like to hear from you. What are you doing to help attract your ideal clients?

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