Here are some of the sites I’ve built to give you ideas for your own beautiful site.


Cindi Conley, Freelance Writer

Cindi had created a DIY website on Wix that was functional, but she wasn’t proud of it. She was headed to a big networking event and wanted to direct her new potential clients to a website she was thrilled to show off. Together, we freshened up her copy and created a design she felt confident would help her get more business.


“I wish you could see my website before Sarah gave it a complete makeover/remodel.  And I’m so very glad you can’t see it! The difference in the look and feel is amazing to me.  Working with Sarah was easy and organized from the very start. She used question forms and some written conversations to dive deep into what I wanted from my website, including both design and functionality. She organized the workflow in a way that kept me engaged and involved as the finished product began to take shape and emerge from its prior messy DIY version. As the new site went live - I had ‘emergency’ tech questions for Sarah and she responded immediately and resolved my issues within an hour. Best of all - my site is now converting for me! Thank you Sarah!”


Melissa Chappell, Midwife

Melissa had several sites for her other businesses (doula + doula trainer and fresh food products) but after she finished training to become a midwife it was time for another website. She wanted something clean, easy to navigate, and attractive to the type of clients she wanted to book. Together, we found the best way to word her services, added special resources, and communicated her voice.

portfolio macbook 4.jpg

“I’d been meaning to get a website for my new venture for nearly two years but as the demands of my business grew, I found I just couldn’t fit it in. Plus, I wanted a *beautiful* and easy-to-navigate website, not just a landing page with bad design. When I found Sarah, I couldn’t be more thrilled. Finally I had found exactly what I needed and wanted. She not only understood my vision extremely well, but also has an understanding of my profession that helped her to design a website that would attract the right customers. I now refer everyone in my field to her for website design.”


Tyler Braun, LMT

Tyler was ready to create his massage therapy business, but didn’t have a website. He’d played with Wix, but felt frustrated by the designs he created. We worked through several concepts, came up with his Unique Value Proposition (UVP), and then created a site he would be proud to send clients to for booking appointments.

“Sarah took my fragmented descriptions of what I wanted from a website, and build something that I’m proud to share with my friends and clients. Working with Sarah eased my frustrations and gave me the assurance that my business is now on the right track.”


Holding Light Midwifery :: Natalie Baca, CPM, RM

Natalie had created a website on GoDaddy, but she wasn’t excited to send potential clients to it. She wanted something more professional and modern. We worked together to discover what she wanted on her site and what her clients needed, then designed a professional site that could help her grow her midwifery business.

“Sarah Braun is fantastic to work with, and the website she put together for me is first class. She patiently tailored and tweaked it for me over and over again. I’m really happy with how professional it looks.”


Here are a few other sites I’ve designed…


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